Grudge Match (12A) **

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Towards the end of Peter Segal’s comedy drama about two retired boxing adversaries who are lured back into the ring, a bruised Sylvester Stallone turns to Robert De Niro and growls, ‘Want to do this again?’.

With rivulets of sweat and blood trickling into his swollen eyes, De Niro wearily responds, ‘Definitely not’.

That’s exactly how we feel about Grudge Match – relieved that this sorry mess has reached its final round, and secretly hopeful that someone might throw in the towel to put both the actors and us out of our misery.

On paper, a showdown between the Hollywood heavyweights from Rocky and Raging Bull sounds like a knock-out.

But regrettably, the boxing ends and the talking begins, and it’s all downhill from there.




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